Written by: Sam Travarca, Developer

SalesForce.com, the cloud-computing CRM program, is popular because it is ‘vanilla’ enough to be used throughout many diverse industries, yet is highly customizable. While customer relationship management is inherently similar for most companies, the information and reports desired vary greatly from industry to industry. Each individual company uses and modifies a program to accommodate their specific business needs. While there are numerous options and customizable possibilities built directly into the site, many times there are criteria for a page or function that just don’t seem to work naturally. SalesForce provides the use of VisualForce pages and Apex classes to offer extended capabilities for developers to customize their SalesForce experience.

VisualForce pages and Apex classes offer an exclusive way to construct customized pages and functionality to your SalesForce site. A customer of VantageOne’s required a unique dynamic dashboard to display client Year-to-Date information through a custom link built onto each Account’s page. While the default functions of SalesForce are limited, this solution was achieved by using a custom designed VisualForce page to present data using different styles of graphs. Custom pages offer much more visual precision than using the built-in features. The VisualForce page receives dynamic data on the specific account from the Apex class. The Apex class is a SalesForce proprietary object-oriented programming language used to communicate with the sites database to retrieve data for the page. While SalesForce does not have the built in abilities to create this page, it is still possible through custom programming.

VantageOne’s proficiencies with VisualForce and Apex expand the capabilities of SalesForce beyond the default functionalities. The ability to quickly access desired data in easy to read graphs and/or reports is not only a significant time saver, but can transform Salesforce into a valuable tool in your sales and marketing arsenal.

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