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Recently organizations have realized the potential for strategic improvement that data analysis initiatives can provide. A shift has occurred from analyzing historical data trends to create business models in a reactive way, to collecting and digesting data in near real time to predict and rapidly adapt to the needs of clients. Being able to visualize data in order to determine the role it plays in day-to-day operations has become critical to business growth and development.

Due to the rise of social media and 24-hour news we, as individuals, expect immediate access to any and all information. Likewise, organizations and their decision makers have this same expectation for information that impacts their bottom line. Data analysis tools are increasingly being implemented and leveraged in order to enhance traditional business critical functions (ex. accounting, employee performance, orders, etc.).

The implementation of such tools must be done in such a way that it increases productivity, customer satisfaction, or another aspect of the company’s mission. If a scope is not firmly defined before the data is gathered, you may end up with too much data that you do not have a use for which leads to wasted storage space and meaningless results.

VantageOne is staying on the forefront of data analysis trends and tools in order to meet the stringent and ever-changing needs of our clients. One of the tools that we utilize in order to accomplish this is a product called Microsoft Power BI. This set of analytics tools is so powerful that businesses of all sizes have utilized it to visualize data and share insight.

The following are some of the reasons our clients have been choosing VantageOne to help them implement a Power BI solution:

  1. Power BI offers three different levels of licenses – Free, Pro, and Premium. Power BI Free is the desktop version, which is a great option for users looking to try the software before buying it. This free version can connect to over 70 sources of data, publish to the web, and create the same visualizations available to Pro users. However, Free users cannot share their analyses with other users. In contrast, Power BI Pro allows users to share reports, data, and dashboards with other Pro license holders. Additionally, Pro users are provided with features for enterprise distribution and collaboration. Both Free and Pro have a storage limit of 10 GB per user. The third licensing option is Power BI Premium. This is an on-premise solution that distributes Power BI reports using the Power BI Report Server. This option is ideal for large enterprise deployments, enabling the organization to use their own capacity and hardware at a lower cost than the Microsoft cloud.
  2. Power BI connects to hundreds of applications and data sources, both local and cloud-based. Some common sources include Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, SharePoint, and Excel.  With customized options for refreshing the data source, Power BI ensures the most up-to-date information when you need it.
  3. The ease of use of the variety of dashboards, reports, and datasets available is one of the most common reasons users choose Power BI. By utilizing familiar functions to the user such as drag/drop and copy/paste, the learning curve is far less than other products.
  4. Power BI is capable of compressing and connecting large amounts of data from common sources such as Excel workbooks and CSV files into one location where it can be easily modified, prepared, and analyzed.
  5. The ability to embed reports and visualizations into apps or websites allows you to share and display your information where it is most convenient. Power BI also allows you to create geomap visualizations for locations along with heat map functionality.

Although there are countless business intelligence applications available, Power BI is one of the most robust, scalable, and easy-to-use options on the market. If your organization is interested in utilizing Power BI, or expanding their existing Power BI capabilities, please give us a call at 440-354-1458.

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