VantageOne Software is proud to be Ohio’s only partner with MEMEX, a company dedicated toward helping manufacturers improve overall equipment efficient (OEE) and operator productivity.  In a recent white paper, On the Road to Continuous Improvement, MEMEX describes how Continuous Improvement (CI) is a phrase that is easily bandied about in industry. It’s something that seems obvious and unobjectionable—what organization wouldn’t want to get better all the time—but there are plenty of misconceptions about CI—its meaning and origination, what is needed to make it work, and how it is implemented.

This paper addresses some of these most common misconceptions and will provide some direction for companies looking to start their own CI initiatives. Download this paper for free, and then contact VantageOne Software to learn more and schedule a demo.

VantageOne Software is a leading onshore software development provider offering web, mobile, and enterprise-level custom software and application development services, as well as integration services for our IIoT partner, Memex. For more than 20 years, our teams have used their technical expertise and in-depth domain knowledge to streamline an organization’s operations for optimal success — a real competitive advantage.
VantageOne is also the creator of CitiSphere, a cloud based municipal management application available now! Learn more about CitiSphere and contact us today for a demo.

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